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Florence the florist

30 Apr

Florence needed a rest after arranging so many flowers.

Florence needed a rest


Key maker

20 Apr

Cam the key maker, making an honest wage.


Making an honest wage

Gary and the Trap

17 Apr

Gary the gardener, noticed something strange was going on with the Venus man trap … He just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Battery Replacement

16 Apr

Lego Bob is retired, but still helps replace the odd battery now and then.


CPU construction site

14 Apr

Dave got called down to the CPU site, he noticed it had a bent pin. While attempting to repair the pin, his worst nightmare became reality….

CPU Construction


Tiny Town’s first dance

14 Apr

Tiny town is opening it’s doors to the world. This is Jim on his morning jog, down memory lane.

Jim jogging down memory lane.